środa, 2 grudnia 2009

Logo; school president

Are there in my school now "Socrates Comenius" project. We have guests from Slovakia, England and Turkey. We prepared for their many attractions... And one of the projects are logos for this. It will be a contest, and many teachers think, that my logo is the best ^^. I'll not negate... :D

And today I collected signatures for my vote-list. I wanna be school president! XD I hope, that you will vote to me! ^^ It's important to me, because I like be in central, and know, what is school doing. Nice~

i met today with Bartek, and now I can't learn... It's his fault! Next time, I have to do everything before he was coming :P I have tomorrow physic test, and I wouldn't like to learn... 

Note only in English, I hope, you understand me, and that somebody's reading this blog... 

Mood: So good! ^^.

Song: Nouvele Vague tonight

Reading: I should read "nie-boska komedia" but I read yesterday "martwy az do zmroku".

+Watching: A piece of House, and I want to watch horror with Bartek in Friday :D

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  1. To logo jest cudne,fajnie że wy macie takich gości ^^ Nie mogę się doczekać,pójścia do LO!!! ;)